About Me

Keri is a communication professional living in Washington DC. She began her career as a photojournalist, but since leaving the news industry, she has added experience in youth development, designing media curricula, web development, and video production. Her specialty is finding the heart of the story and creating digital media. Equity is a theme that has emerged as a guiding force throughout her career. Through practicing equity, Keri has become a compassionate listener and social justice advocate. She believes in using media to create a more just and equitable world; therefore, she revels in projects that further her personal and professional growth. She is committed to excellence in her work and will go the extra mile to ensure the quality of her work maximizes a project’s potential.

In her current role as Associate Director of Communications for Lowell School, she documents the life of the school through photos and videos crafting stories that highlight Lowell’s mission. Keri balances her storytelling responsibilities with web development and managing the school’s social media.

In her spare time, Keri enjoys a healthy dose of Netflix, reads, and likes to stay active outside as much as possible. She has lived all over the eastern seaboard which has enriched her experiences with perspectives ranging from living in the Nation’s capital to rural cattle and citrus counties in Florida. Keri’s approaches life with an unwavering optimism and curiosity committed to lifelong learning.

Personal Essay

Growing up as a latchkey kid equipped me with many positive traits. As an adult, I continue to personally, professionally, and academically define myself by those same traits. The trait that I most identify with is reliance. Being resilient requires good critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and flexibility. Resiliency has guided me through many of life’s challenges, including embarking on a new path, shifting the focus of my career, and making the decision to go back to school. This new path took root nine years while I chased a story that changed everything. Continue reading “Personal Essay”



Literature Review

Does race play a role in how women define sexual harassment and misconduct in the workplace thereby influencing their decision to report such incidents? 

Reflection Response

Do hegemony and ideology still influence power relations?

Critical Analysis Essay

Mechanisms of Mindfulness Communication Training

Film Reflection

Buying the War: How Big Media Failed Us


Resumé Highlights


A creative communicator with 20 years of experience as a visual storyteller producing informative engaging media and 7 years in web development. Highly organized and experienced project manager who adapts quickly to rapidly changing technologies.

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